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You might find an archeological site, a church built on top of a pyramid, a silver mine, an exquisite cathedral. You will most certainly find yourself transported to another time.

What is A Magical Village?

The national Pueblos Mágicos program to restore Mexico’s villages to their glory days was launched in 2001.  To qualify for Magical Village status, the town must retain its original, historic architecture.

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Transformation and Inspiration

A travel destination well beyond its own glistening beaches and resorts, Mexico’s great experiential treasure lies in her music, gastronomy, landscapes and in the historical, magical villages.

I have arrived here.  I am Yoyontzin.  I am searching for flowers.  Throughout the earth I have come to pick them.  Here I will pick the most beautiful flowers

— Nezahualcóyotl, 1431-1472

Featured Villages

Experience the mystical and spiritual landscape of Pueblo Mágico Mineral de Pozos, with its ancient mines and stone structures, historic ruins, legends and the ghosts of miners. Around every corner, the textures and luster of Pozos will surprise you and fill you with wonder.

Possibly the most European town in Mexico, the secrets of Pueblo Mágico El Oro’s grand history echo as you walk its cobblestone streets and contemplate the vestiges of the British, French and Spanish settlers of the past.

Around every turn and corner of Pueblo Mágico Taxco‘s winding stone streets you can enjoy spectacular views from over this colonial mining town with its stately old homes, balconies, and plazas. You will also discover beautiful examples of the silver for which it is renouned.


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